CIFS File Hosting

File Server Hosting allows your UF organization to lease fully managed file server resources (accessible via CIFS or NFS) from within UFIT's existing infrastructure. This will allow your project to succeed without the worry of purchasing and maintaining hardware resources or administering servers. Your file server will live in UF's private file server cloud which includes NAS appliance failover across multiple physical locations to prevent downtime due to hardware failure or maintenance.

UFIT Provides

UFIT will provide all compute and network hardware and infrastructure for the file server appliance. UFIT will provision your file space and will work with your IT staff to assign administrative privileges and permit access via network ACLs and file system permissions.

Customer Provides

You will be responsible for assigning one or more members of your IT team to fulfill the role of file share administrator. This administrator will be responsible for configuring and maintaining snapshot behavior as well as file system privileges. The customer's IT staff is also responsible for managing drive mappings and other client-side configuration for users.

File Server Menu

All options include the following:

  • EMC Isilon (NAS appliance) Storage
  • Configurable file level snapshots (counts against total storage)
  • Accessible via CIFS or NFS

The user can control basic data protection functionality via the Isilon's configurable file-level snapshot service.

Additional protection may be provided by replicating between storage in multiple locations. UFIT staff can configure replication in certain circumstances, while other instances may require customer utilities for replication.

Should you require longer-term data protection or independent data backups, UFIT staff can assist you in configuring and maintaining a TSM backup service.


UFIT currently provides CIFS filespace hosting utilizing an EMC Isilon appliance, which will eventually replace the Celerra.

Documentation for CIFS shares hosted on the EMC Celerra

Documentation for CIFS shares hosted on the Isilon disk appliance