Virtual Machine Hosting

Virtual Machine (VM) hosting provides "bare-metal" VMs so that your organization's IT staff can run dedicated and highly customized Linux or Windows systems. This allows your IT staff to focus on your computing needs without the worry of purchasing and maintaining hardware resources.

Your VM will live in UFIT's secure private cloud which leverages:

  • Multiple enterprise-class datacenters
  • Secure enterprise-class network - public or UF private IP space available
  • SAN/NAS-backed failover to prevent downtime due to hardware failure or maintenance
  • VMWare vSphere 5 environment

UFIT Provides

Everything up to the hypervisor (virtualization layer). This includes all physical resources such as computing hardware, networking, datacenter resources, and VMware software. UFIT also provides VPN access to allow you to connect to your VM for management purposes (console access, power-on/off, etc).

Customer Provides

You provide IT staff to install, configure, and maintain all software on your VM - OS and Application software. This includes maintenance of proper licensing for any software installed on your VM. Additionally, your staff will be required to handle all monitoring and backups of your VM. While UFIT monitors the health of the underlying hypervisor systems we do not provide VM guest OS or Application monitoring for your hosted VM. Additionally, your staff will be responsible for working with UFIT Network Services to maintain network ACLs pertaining to your VM's IP address(es). Your staff will also be responsible for responding to and working with UFIT's office of Information Security and Compliance.